What is the

90th Division Association?


The object of the Association shall be to cherish and perpetuate the memory of our heroic dead, to promote the welfare of the members of the Association, to preserve the bonds of friendship which now unite them, and to assure that our country is capable of defending itself against all dangers, whether from within or without its borders."- taken from the bylaws.

The above definition is accomplished by many means. Reunions are held annually at different locations throughout the country. This allows the veterans to be able to share their lives, past and present with often very emotional results. Families get to know families and new life-long friendships develop. Many veterans get to meet others that may have had a very strong impact on their lives during the war(s). Reunions are very emotional and very happy times for all involved.

The Association seeks to perpetuate the history of the 90th Division by veterans giving oral and written reports of their experiences. Also collecting memorabilia relating to the wars and the veterans experiences and sharing this information among the members helps reignite old memories and provide information to the descendants about their loved ones who gave so much.

Drawing on the historical examples of the veterans of the 90th Division, modern day service men and women have a proud legacy to look up to and emulate thus propelling our Armed Forces ahead based on proud tradition.


The 90th Division Association is a 1.501(c)(19)-1 War Veterans organization.

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