Why three Patches?



Originally, the red T-O stood for Texas-Oklahoma, since the division was made up almost entirely of men from those two states. Later however, men were drawn from every state in the nation, and the T-O came to represent, by common consent, “Tough ‘Ombres”.


Tough Ombres Crest

The official crest designed for the 90th Division and still worn by the Tough ‘Ombres of today reflects a long and proud history. The unit’s World War I service in France is represented by the vertical arrow shaft, while the head of the arrow and the gold lion behind it (derived from the coat of arms of Normandy, France) signify participation in the amphibious assault at Normandy during World War II. The white star denotes the Texas origin of the unit and the five points further represent the campaign credits for World War II service in Europe. Awards of the French Croix de Guerre and Meritorious Unit Com­mendation are represented by the crossed bayonets.

Anniversary Logo
The 90th Division Association was founded to unite the men and women of the 90th Division after their service was ended. The TO was adopted for it's logo with arrowhead representing the Invasion Arrowhead and 2 Bronze Battle Stars for its WW1 Campaigns in the Meuse Argonne and St. Mihel, and Silver Battle Star representing Battle Stars won for each of the major campaigns that the 90th took part in - Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes (Battle of the Bulge), Rhineland, Central Europe and also the French Croix de Guerre.






In 2008, we celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the 90th Division. A new Insignia was designed for the occasion.  If you see a hat or jacket, etc with this patch, it'll soon be a collector's item !

Special Anniversary Insignia



The parts of the design are described thusly:

The 1st Bronze Star is for St. Mihiel Campaign in WW I

The 2nd Bronze Star is for the Meuse-Argonne Campaign in WW I
The Bronze Arrowhead is for the D-Day Landing in WW II
The Silver Star represents 5 Bronze Stars and the 5 major battles of the ETO [European Theater of Operations] in WW II





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