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War from the Ground Up

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War From the Ground Up: The 90th Division in World War II  by John Colby

561 pages. Cloth bound hardcover with dustjacket.

An excellent account of the D-Day landing, the 90th's push through France & the Ardennes, the Battle of the Bulge & into the Rhineland. B/w photos, drawn maps, bibliography, index. Highly recommended

We were at Normandy


We Were At Normandy by Henri Levaufre

“I didn’t choose involvement in World War II; circumstances forced me into the war.” This is how Henri Levaufre begins his exciting tale of what it was like to endure German occupation of his country and then celebrate with the Allies when they liberated France. As a thirteen-year-old boy, he witnessed the war’s effects in Periers, his hometown: the perils of combat, two bombings, and his family’s evacuation. After the war, as an Electrical Engineer, he visited the battle fields of Normandy frequently to design and install power lines. This sparked Levaufre’s interest in “the pathway of recent battles”. Slowly, with his family, he began to map out every trench and foxhole in the area. He also collected other war artifacts. After decades of research, he is now an award-winning authority on what happened in Normandy. He has also become the devoted friend and host to many soldiers – on both sides – who fought there.

One Tough 'Ombre


One Tough Ombre by John Sandifer

This is the story of Pvt. Charles Goodson, from Childress, Texas, who came in as a replacement before Hill 122 and remained through the Battle of the Bulge.  It is a history that tracks the movements of the 358th Regiment and contains tactical and strategic actions from Normandy to the German border.  It is available through,  Barnes and and or through the author, John Sandifer.   See more at

Battalion Surgeon


Battalion Surgeon by William M. McConahey, MD.

The stories of the doctor who treated many of the men of the 90th Division. Considered to be one of the best histories of the 90th available.

$15 includes shipping.   Order from 90th Museum.
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Pitching My Way Through World War II


Pitching My Way Through World War II by Joy V. Bliss, Rosanne E. Bliss, and G. L. Dybwad

Over 300 letters Pfc. Ellingson faithfully wrote home to North dakota while serving with the 90th Infantry Division, 359th Regiment, 3rd Bn HQ Co during extended training at Camp Barkley, the Louisiana swamp, the Arizona - California desert, Great Britain, and with Patton's Third Army in Europe during WWII. Over 700 photos and illustrations visually enhance the story.

$29.95 + $5 Shipping / Handling [$2.10 , 7% New Mexico sales tax if Applicable]

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Bootprints by Hobert Weinbrenner

'After over sixty years of holding it deep within, an aging American soldier shares his harrowing tale of life and death on Northern Europe’s front lines. Join Recon Sergeant Hobert Winebrenner as he leads you back into World War II. From Utah Beach, through the hedgerows of Normandy, the liberation of France, the Battle of the Bulge, the assault on Germany and the chase in Czechoslovakia, follow in his BOOTPRINTS. Wounded twice and captured once, he saw much in his WALK THROUGH WW II.

“In what promises to be one of our country’s final World War II memoirs, BOOTPRINTS has saved the best for last. Winebrenner and McCoy walk you through the worst imaginable—life along Northern Europe’s front lines.” – Rick Batholomew, USMC Vietnam Veteran, author of Dig In and publisher of Nam Magazine.'

In Her Father's Footsteps


In Her Father's Footsteps: With the 90th - Normandy to the Moselle, 1944 by Chris Johnston

Lt. Harris C. Neil joined the Tough Hombres, the 90th Texas -Oklahoma Division, after the tragic Seves Island battle, as a replacement officer. The book sources numerous histories, Lt. Neil's wartime diary, personal papers, WWII photographs and conversations with the author to record this aspect of the war. The book had its origin in a desire to give Lt. Neil's grandchildren a context for his diary. It led to a journey by his youngest daughter in 2014, following the path of her father's platoon. This experience is also chronicled in this book.

The Armored Fist


The Armored Fist by Aaron Elson

The story of the 712th Tank Battalion as told by the men who were there in their every day experiences.


They Were All Young Kids


They Were All Young Kids by Aaron Elson

Life as a tanker in World War II from a tanker's perspective. The story of the 712th Tank Battalion and others - from the Tankbooks collection by Aaron Elson


Tanks For The Memories


Tanks for the memories by Aaron Elson

Stories of the veterans of the 712th bank Battalion- from the Tankbooks collection by Aaron Elson.

From the Cavalry to Czechoslovakia


From the Cavalry to Czechoslovakia: Dale Albee: A 712th Tank Battalion Interview by Aaron Elison

The story of Dale Albee, a horse soldier in 1938 and his path to a battlefield commision as he fought across europe with the 712th and 90th in a M5 Stuart light tank.

Big Andy: A 712th Tank Battalion Interview


Big Andy: A 712th Tank Battalion Interview by Aaron Elison

Bob Anderson's chronicle of his war experience and 11 months in europe fighting with the 712th Tank Battalion supporting the 90th Division.

A Mile in Their Shoes


A Mile in Their Shoes by Aaron Elison

A collection of veteran interviews including an interview with 90th Medal of Honor awardee John Bud Hawk as well as 4 712th Tank Battalion Veterans.

A Tank Gunner's Story


A Tank Gunner's Story by Louis Gruntz Jr

This is the moving story of how a father shares his experiences with his son of the Second World War as a gunner in the US 712th Tank Battalion by retracing the journey of his battle route through Europe many years later.

Stories from the Battlefield


Stories from the Battlefield by Jennifer Holik

This book lays out the components of the individual personnel files, death records and other associated records that can be obtained from the National Personnel Records Center.

Available from Barnes & Noble and

Stories of the Lost (Volume 1)


Stories of the Lost by Jennifer Holik

This book lays out the components of the individual personnel files, death records and other associated records that can be obtained from the National Personnel Records Center.

Available from

Below the Salt


Below the Salt by John A. Busterud

How the Fighting 90th Division Struck Gold and Art Treasure in a Salt Mine



The Friendly Invasion of Leominster


The Friendly Invasion of Leominster by Fran and Martin Collins

The book relates the activities of a number of American units, including the 90th, based in Leominster during World War II and describes each unit’s time in the town, using eyewitness accounts and photographs, and then follows the units across the English Channel and through Europe.

Captain Mac: War Hero, My Hero


Captain Mac: War Hero, My Hero by Jerry Wiley

A biography of Captain Robert McHolland, K Company, 3rd Battalion, 358th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division. Captain McHolland was commander of the noted "K Kompany Kraut Killers" from July 1944 until he was killed in action just inside Germany on 24 November 1944. The story of Captain McHolland's life is recounted by an admiring nephew who conducted countless interviews of family, friends, and army buddies. The author also drew heavily upon information contained in letters his uncle wrote home from combat, unit histories, and other historical accounts of World War Two to tell the life story of his lifelong hero.

Cost of the book is $20 plus $3 for shipping. To order, contact the author Jerry Wiley, 26115 Cedarwood Lane, Shell Knob, MO 65747-7514 or by email at

Battlefield Pilot


Battlefield Pilot by Victor P. Rizzo, Capt (US army Ret)

Memoirs of a Field Artillery Pilot in WWII. The details of a flight log combined with personal reflections and anecdotes from one of Patton's 90th Division Field Artillery Air Observers.


Tales From Foxholes


Tales From Foxholes by George R Henderson

A Civilian in Military Uniform 1944-1945

"Landing in Normandy on D+2, medical unit for the 90th Infantry Division, we followed Patton as part of his Third Army across Europe, into Czechoslovakia on V-E Day, and back to Germany as Occupation troops. Battle scenes alternate with contacts (both amusing and moving) we had with individual Europeans"

Contains letters to and from friends and family in the U.S.



Flashbacks by R.L. Goodson

They traveled on the Queen Elizabeth from New York to England...then from England to France on the Susan B. Anthony. Their ship hit a mine and they were delayed from being in the first wave on Omaha Beach. They were eventually loaded onto barges and were in the second wave on Omaha Beach having been delayed by about 4 hours.

"We were loaded on barges and headed for shore. When the barge stopped, the front end dropped down and the order came, "Hit the water". I was the second in line.....In our barge, all the men made it, but some of the other barges got shelled with one hundred men in them. No one could ever dream a dream as bad as it was. But remember we were four hours late. We had a picnic to what the others were in."

R. L.'s company was completely replaced five times. He was one of only five survivors of his original company. R. L. was awarded the Purple Heart on July 3, 1944; a Silver Star on February 3, 1945; a Good Conduct Medal; EAMETO MED WDS; and a Bronze Star for each campaign he served in in Normandy, Northern France, Ardennes and Germany.

E-3073 The Last Battle


E-3073 the Last Battle by Jack Evans

'With emotional honesty, the narrative follows the author from toy soldiers in Iowa to basic training in Texas, through bloody battles in France to Hitler’s Bavarian retreat at Berchtesgaden. Life and death become intimate and real throughout the dramatic transition from boyhood to manhood."


Lucky Infantryman


Lucky Infantryman by Ed Jackel

A candid memoir of a replacement who joined the 90th in Normandy and saw combat through the fall of Germany.

Making Sense of Normandy


Making Sense of Normandy: A Young Man's Journey of Faith and War by E. Carver McGriff

90th Association Member and Pastor Carver McGriff recounts and explores his combat experience, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Donner du sens à la Normandie


Making Sense of Normandy: A Young Man's Journey of Faith and War by E. Carver McGriff (French Edition, translated by Christian Levaufre)

90th Association Member and Pastor Carver McGriff recounts and explores his combat experience, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

With Carver McGriff 's permission a French translation of his Book "Making sensé of Normandy" has been made by thé Normandy 44 -90th Infantry Division association located at Périers. Thé only goal of this new version named "Donner du sens à la Normandie" is to give thé French people thé opportunity to learn about their own History. Thé royalties will only go to thé association and will help us to run thé Espace Hamilton-Levaufre, our small museum in Périers.
Thé book in French Can bé ordered from Christian Levaufre at


Show Me The Hero


Show Me The Hero: An Iowa Draftee Joins the 90th Infantry Division During WW II in Europe by Dale Lundhihgh

An unvarnished personal account of a replacement and his experiences in Europe with the 90th Division.

44 Foxholes in France


44 Foxholes in France: An Almost Perfect War - Book Two by Warren J. Wightman

A honest retelling of one man's combat experieneces as a replacement joining and fighting with the 90th Division.

Alamo Doughboy


Alamo Doughboy: Marching Into The Heart Of Kaiser's Germany During World War I by Jennifer Rude Klett, freelance journalist at and regular contributor to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper

Alamo Doughboy is a true story that captures the lost experiences and mindset of the American doughboys fighting in the Great War. This meticulously-researched book is a personal history about an infantry private from the Midwest who desperately fought the Germans from the trenches on the front line with the Texas/Oklahoma 90th Division, along with his two brothers and two cousins, one of whom was a member of the legendary Lost Battalion of the 77th Division. Alamo Doughboy is a solid military history, but it’s also a remarkable account of the home front, a boy and his dog, faith, love, courage, and duty. Available at Amazon; $19.95 paperback, $12.95 Kindle.

Story of a Citizen Soldier


Story of a Citizen Soldier: In the U.S. Infantry, May 24, 1940 to December 29, 1945 by Charles B. Bryan Sr

The author, a Johns Island native, recounts his experiences during World War Two, including Normandy, the Falaise Gap, the first Moselle crossing, Fort Koenigsmacher, the Saar River crossing, and the Ardennes.

G.I. Joe & Lillie


G.I. Joe & Lillie: Remembering a Life of Love and Loyalty by Joe Bonsall

The life story of a GI and WAC who found each other in war, married and came home to an ongoing struggle through which their determined love inspired the author. This book is primarily focsed on the life story of Joe & Lillie. The focus is not on factual military historical records or battlefield accounts.

The 90th



Published in 1946 to chronicle the actions of the 90th Infantry Division in World War II.

Currently out of print.


Patton's Bulldog


Patton's Bulldog: The Life and Service of General Walton H. Walker by COL (Ret) Wilson A. Heefner

The biography of the World War II commander of XX Corps, in which the 90th Infantry Division served during the campaign for Metz and during the crossing of the Saar River in early December 1944. Walker fondly referred to the 90th as his "favorite division." Walker gained additional fame for his dogged defense of the Pusan Perimeter during the Korean War.

The Will to Win


The Will to Win: The Life of General James A. Van Fleet by Paul F. Braim

The biography James A Van Fleet, commander of the 90th Division during WWII and subsequent 4 star General during the Korean War. Harry Truman called Van Fleet the Army's "greatest combat general", this book retraces his military career by an offer who served under him in the Korean war.

Ray McLain and the National Guard


Ray McLain and the National Guard by Betty M. Belvin

This biography of Ray McLain, commanding general of the 90th Division traces his story as a private in the National Guard to a 3 star general serving the Eisenhower administration.

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