90th Archives

Unit Histories

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World War I and World War II unit histories are available online for the 90th and many of their attached units.

Additionally, U.S. Army Corps level AAR's are available for the respective commands that the 90th was a part of during its campaigns in europe.

Monographs detailing key 90th actions during World War II are available for reading.

After Action Reports

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Transcriptions and scans of World War II 90th Division and Corps After Action reports are available. These are the daily chronicle of the Division's actions and movements.

Scans of support documents and field orders are available for a limited number of months.


General Orders

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The 90th Division Association has a large, albeit incomplete collection of World War II General Orders. These documents are digitized and available for your convenience.

General Orders are directive from command detailing key communications to their unit. These General Orders may pertain to a policy or procedure, promotion or award.

Medal of Honor

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Four individuals in the 90th Division during World War II were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

            • John D. Hawk
            • Foster J. Sayers
            • Eugene Everhardt Sr.
            • Edward A. Bennett

Their actions and citation can be read here.

Company Photos

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Commonly referred to as "yardlongs", panoramic photos of a unit are often a heirloom of a relative's service and a value able asset to researchers.

Our collection of World War II Company Photos wouldn't be as complete as it is without 90th Veterans and their families helping us fill in the gaps.

Personal Submissions

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Letters Home, Photo Albums, Memoirs and Souvenirs from 90th Veterans and their Families help tell the story of the 90th at a very personal level.

While there was a war on, soldiers did not stop being husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles or men. These personal stories, artifacts and recollections are part of the fabric of the 90th.

Books about the 90th

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A number of books have been written about the 90th and their wartime exploits, both by 90th Veterans as well as historians.

While not a comprehensive listing of all books about the 90th, a focused list highlighting many titles is available.

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