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About "Yardlongs"

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Commonly referred to as "yardlongs", panoramic photos of a unit are often a heirloom of a relative's service and a valueable asset to researchers.

Our collection of Company Photos wouldn't be as complete as it is without 90th Veterans and their families helping us fill in the gaps.

If you have a photo that we are missing, we'd love to get a scan of it!

World War Two Company Photos


Divisional Troops            
90th HQ  
90th Headquarters Co.  
90th Military Police Co
90th Quartermaster Co.
90th Recon Troop
90th Signal Co.
315th Medical Battalion
315th Engineer Battalion
343rd Field Artillery HQ Bty
344th Field Artillery HQ Bty
345th Field Artillery  
915th Field Artillery HQ Bty
90th Divisional Artillery  
790th Ordnance Co.


Regimental Units
Headquarters & HQ Company
Anti Tank Company
Medical Detachment
Service Company
Cannon Company

1st BN HQ

A Company
B Company
C Company
D Company

2nd BN HQ

E Company
F Company
G Company
H Company

3rd BN HQ

I Company
K Company
L Company
M Company




Replacements were vital to the survival of the 90th.

While they weren't at Camp Barkley with the division during their initial training, they fought as Tough 'Ombres across europe.

Several veterans have sent in their Replacement Training Center Company Photos .




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