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by noon.  1st Battalion attacked East from ANGEVILLERS on the heels of a bombing mission
directed on the southern slopes of the objective.  By nightfall the 1st Battalion, advancing over
rugged terrain and against determined resistance, was short of its objective but in an excellent
position for the resumption of its attack on the morrow.  2nd Battalion was moved to the vicinity
of VOLKRANGE and started East through the corridor between 1st and 3rd Battalion objectives,
with the mission of capturing THIONVILLE.  It made little progress.
359th Infantry displaced East from AUMETZ to occupy a new reserve position Northeast of
ANGEVILLERS and in conjunction with the 90th Reconnaissance Troop pushed reconnaissance
eastward to GAVISSE. [Page 8]
By this time the V Corps had come abreast of the XX Corps and the 5th Armored Division was
definitely determined to be close to the German border East of LUXEMBOURG.  The covering
of our previously extended left flank permitted the Division to reorient itself to the East.  The
nature of the MOSELLE River within our zone made desirable both from a technical and tactical
standpoint, the forcing of the crossing North and East of THIONVILLE, perhaps at MALLING
or even at REMICH.  From the Corps standpoint, however, a crossing in the immediate vicinity
of THIONVILLE was required and our movements were consequently governed by this
In the South Corps sector the 5th Infantry Division had evacuated its initial bridgehead and had
forced a more substantial crossing to the South thereof.  Meanwhile in front of Metz itself, the
7th Armored Division made no progress against the perimeter of the METZ fortifications. 
Although the original plan contemplated our crossing in the THIONVILLE area and swinging
South to link up with the remainder of the Corps East of METZ, the situation in the Corps sector
gave rise to the possibility that the Division might simply contain THIONVILLE with a
minimum of force while the bulk moved South to assist in reducing the German salient.
357th Infantry:
2nd and 3rd Battalions cleared the last remaining enemy resistance West of the MOSELLE with
the 3rd Battalion attacking and capturing UCKANGE.  With the River line thus exposed,
reconnaissance for crossing sites and to determine the character of the enemy resistance on the
East bank was vigorously pushed.
358th  Infantry:
1st Battalion completed occupation of the high ground Northwest of THIONVILLE.  3rd
Battalion remained in position sending one company to garrison the town of TERVILLE and
furnish right flank protection for the advance of the 2nd Battalion.  2nd Battalion, continuing the
attack down the alley, fought its way into THIONVILLE.  By nightfall it had closed in a tight arc
South and West of the bridge approach and some 300 yards short thereof.  The advance of this
Battalion was considerably hampered by house to house defense, demolitions  and roadblocks
within the town.  In particular were the approaches to the bridge well barricaded.
359th Infantry displaced again to the vicinity of HETTANGE GRANDE prepared for rapid