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The opening of the month of September found the 90th Infantry Division out of contact with the
enemy, occupying a bridgehead line, with the mission of protecting the city of REIMS from
enemy attack from the North and Northeast.  The bulk of XX Corps, to which this Division was
then assigned, was consolidating its MEUSE River bridgehead in the VERDUN area. 
Indications pointed to the detachment of the Division from XX Corps and its assignment the XV
Corps, when the latter became operational in the Third Army area; the Division was prepared,
however, to rejoin XX Corps on short notice.  Meanwhile on the left (West) of the Division, VII
Corps had moved through SOISSONS and swung to the East on the North bank of the AISNE
Dispositions of the Division were as follows:
a. 358th Infantry occupied the right sector of the bridgehead line extending from
PROSNES to WARXERSVILLE where it made contact with the 359th Infantry.
b. 359th infantry extended from the left of the 358th Infantry North and the Northwest to
c. 357th Infantry moved on 1 September from positions West of the 359th Infantry, now
covered by the advance of the VII Corps, to an assembly area in the vicinity of BERRU.
d. Remainder of the Division was disposed centrally in the rear of the two front-line
regiments with Division CP at FORT BRIMONT.
e. Detachments of the Division were covering the REIMS bridges, the great airport North
of REIMS and other captured installations.
Pursuant to a Corps directive, a Battalion Combat Team of the 359th Infantry (3rd Battalion)
moved Northeast and occupied a line from RETHEL to ATTIGNY inclusive, to deny to the
enemy the AISNE River crossings in that area.
Company I 358th Infantry, reinforced and motorized, moved South from REIMS to investigate a
will-o'-the-wisp FFI report of enemy activity in the CONGY-TALUS area.
CT 357 was placed on an alert status as Corps Reserve.
The entire Third Army was immobilized as the increasing gasoline shortage assumed critical
proportions.  Preliminary arrangements were made at the Army level for the air supply of
gasoline.  315th Engineer Battalion initiated and completed the repair work necessary on the
REIMS Airport to permit its utilization by transport planes. [Page 1]