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The Division less 1 CT, was alerted for motorized movement to the East to expand the North
flank of the VERDUN bridgehead.  CT 9 was to remain in the REIMS area to protect the
bridgehead on a greatly foreshortened line.  The necessary plans for the movement of the
Division and redisposition of CT 9 were completed but  immediate movement was out of the
question in view of the gasoline shortage.
The day passed without incident, except for the arrival of sufficient gasoline to move CT 7,
reinforced, and 90th Reconnaissance Troop the following day to the VERDUN area.
CT 7 moved by motor from reserve area to occupy with two Battalions an extended position East
and Northeast of ETAIN pending arrival of the remainder of the Division.  2nd Battalion 357th
Infantry with Company C, 712th Tank Battalion attached was diverted from the route of march
in the ARGONNE FOREST to secure a large enemy ammunition dump South of CORRUPT and
liquidate enemy resistance in that area.  The ammunition dump, aggregating 30,000 tons, was
promptly secured and demined and some 50 Germans flushed North and East into the hands of
FFI groups which had been containing the wooded area around its perimeter.  This operation
lasted the entire day and the Battalion remained in position there overnight.
90th Reconnaissance Troop moved East, crossing the AISNE River at VOUZIERS, and then
South toward Verdun.  Arriving in the Division area it established, per prearranged plan, a line of
outposts to protect the North flank of the Division area.
Meanwhile the availability of extra fuel permitted motorized movement of the 3rd Battalion
358th Infantry to an assembly area in the zone of action prescribed for the 358th Infantry.
The CT earmarked by Corps for protection of the REIMS bridgehead was relieved from that
mission and all preparations were made for the movement on 6 September of all elements of the
Division to the ETAIN area.
The Division made its shuttle move to the bridgehead area in remarkably expeditious style in
spite of absence of road priorities.  All elements had closed by dark. [Page 2]
XX Corps resumed the attack at 1400, with a long range objective of capturing the city of
FRANKFURT deep in Germany.  The advance was to be again led by the 7th Armored Division
advancing on a broad front and closely followed by the 5th and 90th Infantries abreast with the
latter on the left.  The advance of the 90th Division was to be initiated as soon as the columns of
the 7th Armored Division had gained sufficient headway.  Division set a tentative H-Hour for the
initiation of the advance at 070800.