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357th Infantry:
1st Battalion advanced with slight opposition North to HAYANGE, a sizable industrial town in
the gorge between Division Objectives 2 and 3.  The leading company cleared the town and was
well up on the side slopes of the eminence to the North when a German column reentered the
town from the East.  This force was liquidated after a considerable fight.  Shortly before dark the
company on the high ground North of the town was counterattacked and driven back.  2nd
Battalion, relieved at BRIEY by Company A 315th Engineer Battalion, moved eastward through
the thick country and occupied the regimental objective.  3rd Battalion remained at AVRIL.
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358th Infantry closed in the FONTOY area as a preliminary to further advance.  1st Battalion
moved Northeast and occupied ANGEVILLERS preparatory to the attack on the high ground
Northwest of THIONVILLE.  3rd Battalion advanced in midafternoon and occupied
ALGRANGE, a town in the gorge Northwest of and adjacent to HAYANGE.  From that point it
launched an assault up precipitous slopes to secure a foothold on the dominating plateau which
marked the West extremity of Division Objective Number 2.  Its advance was fiercely resisted by
the Boche entrenched high up on the slopes.  The fight was joined at close quarters, but the
Germans held firm and at darkness the Battalion was still short of its objective.  During the night
the Boche withdrew.
359th Infantry attacked Northeast at 0700 and by 1400 had secured all assigned objectives.  The
2nd and 3rd Battalions advanced in a coordinated effort and secured AUMETZ and the high
ground to the North and West thereof.  The Maginot defenses in this area were unmanned.  1st
Battalion following in their wake completed mop up of the large forest West of AUDUN.  Motor
patrols from the Regiment entered the town of LONGVY within LUXEMBOURG border and
made fleeting contact with elements of V Corps.
90th Reconnaissance Troop and the 43rd Cavalry Squadron were enabled by the slackening
German resistance to push their reconnaissance several miles beyond leading infantry elements,
in the northern sector of the Division Zone.
357th Infantry:
1st Battalion recaptured the high ground North of HAYANGE and consolidated its position in
that area. 2nd Battalion shifted its position northward to occupy MORLANGE. E Company of
that Battalion was dispatched late in the day to occupy FLORANGE and protect the right rear
3rd Battalion 358th Infantry.  3rd Battalion sent strong patrols East to the MOSELLE River in
the southern half of the regimental zone discovering that UCKANGE was strongly held and
considerable German traffic was moving South along the River Road.
358th Infantry:
3rd Battalion resumed attack at daylight and had seized the high ground East of VOLKRANGE