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to Division Artillery CP, relieve pressure there, and attack to the North on the right of and in
conjunction with the 2nd Battalion 359th Infantry.  At first light the Division Headquarters
displaced to HIGNY, opening a temporary CP at that location in conjunction with 359th Infantry. 
Division Artillery Headquarters, which had borne the brunt of the enemy night fire and was
almost completely encircled by German troops, coolly evacuated itself on foot southward to the
CP of the 358th Infantry.
359th Infantry:
2nd Battalion marched South through LANDRES dropping off AT and TD elements at that
location and reached Division CP shortly after daylight, where it teamed with 712th Tank
Battalion and made preparations to reverse its direction and attack generally North to the town of
BONVILLERS.  It launched its attack at noon and by midafternoon had reached BONVILLERS. 
The elements left at LANDRES intercepted and destroyed 7 enemy tanks, a part of a force which
had cleared South through the CP area and turned West only to find themselves at daybreak cut
off from the rest of their unit.  They had attempted to break back out to AUDUN only to meet
annihilation at LANDRES.  Other elements of their particular group were destroyed by Corps
TDs further to the West.  Meanwhile the 3rd Battalion was moved a short distance South thus
cutting the LANDRES-AUDUN Road midway between those two towns.  It also intercepted and
destroyed Panzer elements.  The situation in the 359th Infantry area had clarified sufficiently by
midafternoon so that regiment could be reoriented to the Northeast in preparation for an advance
on AUDUN. [Page 5] 
358th Infantry:
1st Battalion had been ordered to attack West and North in conjunction with 2nd Battalion 359th
Infantry.  However they were heavily engaged at MAIRY itself by those elements of the 106th
Panzer Brigade, which finding their advance blocked at the Division CP, had driven East on the
road to MAIRY.  In the engagement which lasted throughout the day the 1st Battalion captured
or destroyed 7 tanks and 43 halftracks and took 125 prisoners.  When it became apparent that the
1st Battalion could not participate in the attack originally planned, the 2nd Battalion was ordered
to execute the original mission of the 1st Battalion.  However the 2nd and 3rd Battalions were so
heavily engaged in front of TRIEUX that no elements could be disengaged.  As it developed, 1st
Battalion had eliminated all enemy resistance in the MAIRY area by 1800 and was able to move
North to join 2nd Battalion 359th Infantry per original plan.  
357th Infantry:
1st Battalion had been started East from Hill 313 toward NEUFCHEF but had been recalled by
Division in the light of developments in other sectors of the Division area.  Shortly after its
reestablishment on Hill 313, a German battalion supported by tanks, attacked West toward the
unoccupied hill immediately North of the 1st Battalion position.  Unobserved, and withholding
their fire until the German advance had exposed the flank of the entire column, all weapons took
up a murderous fire of artillery, mortar, MG and flat trajectory cannon which in a space of a very
few minutes annihilated the force.  Those few remaining were quickly taken prisoner.  The 2nd
Battalion committing all three companies, surrounded BRIEY on three sides and forced the
surrender of the German garrison of upwards of 300 men.  3rd Battalion remained at AVRIL
connecting up the two flank Battalions.