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358th Infantry marched the 1st Battalion on SPINCOURT at daylight.  The 3rd Battalion
followed by the 2nd Battalion advanced at 0900 on the axis LANDRES-FONTOY.  Slight
resistance was met and brushed aside at MONT, but the advance of the 3rd Battalion was
blocked in the woods to the East thereof.  Because of the difficulty of movement through the
woods, they were bypassed to the South by both the 2nd and 3rd Battalions and the advance
continued in the direction of TRIEUX.  Some 1000 yards West of TRIEUX both the 3rd and 2nd
battalions were heavily engaged by the enemy from the high ground West and North of that
town.  Meanwhile the 1st Battalion, after relief of the 1st Battalion 359th Infantry, was moved by
motor to the vicinity of MAIRY West of the leading two battalions.  From this point it
dispatched 1 Company to contain, from the South, the enemy in the woods which had previously
blocked the advance of the 3rd Battalion.
359th Infantry advanced in Division reserve, echeloned to the left rear of the 358th with the
mission of protecting the North flank of the Division.  1st Battalion 359th Infantry relieved 1st
Battalion 358th Infantry at SPINCOURT with one company and was given the additional
mission of blocking the approaches to the Division area from the North as our advance to the
East continued.  By nightfall the remainder of the regiment, leapfrogging the 1st Battalion, had
closed in assembly area Northeast of LANDRES and had established outposts to the North and
90th Reconnaissance Troop and newly attached Troop B, 43rd Cavalry Squadron operated
throughout the day East and Northeast of Infantry elements.  Enemy resistance prevented their
movement as far North as the Division left boundary.
Division CP moved just prior to dark to an exposed position West of the town of MAIRY. [Page
Shortly after dark 7 September the newly formed and newly equipped 106th Panzer Brigade
moved South through AUMETZ and, utilizing side roads, penetrated the Division zone. 
Whether this unit had for its mission a reconnaissance in force, a raid or the relief of the garrison
at BRIEY has never been accurately determined.  The net effect of the foray, at the cost of
complete destruction, was to enforce a day's delay of the advance of the 90th Division.
The route of the 106th took them through the middle of the Division CP area.  A considerable
portion of the column had cleared the crossroad South of the Division CP when they were
discovered and fired upon by local security elements about 0300.  The Germans returned the fire
promptly and vigorously and caused casualties within the Signal Company and Division Artillery
Headquarters.  But confused by the presence of our troops in this unexpected quarter, the column
halted and consequently lost contact with those elements who had already moved through.  A
company of the 712th Tank Battalion was moved into the Division CP area  to be in a position to
counter any action on the part of the Boche and/or to destroy them in place at first light.  The 2nd
Battalion 359th Infantry was alerted and started in motion South to assemble immediately West
of the Division CP and attack North in conjunction with the 1st Battalion 358th Infantry to
destroy the hostile force.  1st Battalion 358th Infantry was directed to move from MAIRY West