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1st Battalion moved to BOULAIDE as Division Reserve.  Other positions were unchanged. 
About 2000, 30 Germans, who were security guard for the crossroads at vP650545, penetrated
from the Northeast to the intersection.  10 were killed, 10 captured and the others escaped,
shooting at several jeeps belonging to the 357th Infantry on the road toward DONCOLS.  This
group also managed to lay mines at the intersection which was not discovered until morning
when the 3rd Battalion Commander was injured as his jeep blew up.
90th Reconnaissance Troop:
Traveling around Division left flank, the Troop made contact with elements 35th Infantry
Division who were on the high ground Southwest of BRAS, the 6th Armored Division who were
12-1400 yards Northwest of BRAS, and the 358th Infantry, 1st Battalion.
13 January 1945
358th Infantry:
At 0400, having brought up its own tanks and TDs, the 2nd Battalion attacked upper BRAS
again, hitting the enemy on the flank as he faced West to counter 6th Armored Division's push
vicinity of WARDIN.  The [Page 11] Germans had reinforced the position with SS troops and
halted the battalion's attack with tank fire.  A coordinated attack with 3rd Battalion was planned
for 0700.  After the jumpoff, Companies F and G pushed through the town, leaving Company E
to mop up and the Battalion slowly forced the Germans back across the road, up onto the high
ground beyond and into the woods.  Further advance was stopped by tank or SP fire from the
North and mortar and artillery fire from the East.
3rd Battalion, attacking on the right, hit the retreating enemy again on the flank, disrupting his
organization.  The enemy reinforced the high ground at 1100 with another company of SS troops
and SP guns and fought back furiously.  Two US tanks were disabled by high velocity fire.  AT
guns and Artillery blazed away at the enemy in both Battalion areas and Company I finally
captured the high ground (Hill 530) at 1500.  In the severe fighting the Battalion suffered 30-40
casualties but had taken 70 prisoners.  122 PWs total were captured during the day.
357th Infantry:
2nd Battalion continued the attack on right of 358th Infantry echeloned to the right rear.  3rd
Battalion relieved 3rd Battalion, 359th Infantry on Hill 510.
359th Infantry:
Prepared for relief by 357th Infantry and elements 26th Infantry Division as new Division
boundaries were assigned.  The 26th Division had been given the mission of organizing and
holding its position on the high ground overlooking WILTZ.  2nd Battalion, therefore, was
relieved by 3rd Battalion, 358th Infantry, at 1515 and the Battalion closed in BOULAIDE at 
1815.  3rd Battalion, relieved by 357, moved to BAASCHLEIDEN, closing at 1715.