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At daylight, the 3rd and 2nd Battalions consolidated their positions with 2nd Battalion refusing
the right flank.  Both Battalions then busied themselves with German vehicles lining the roads. 
Division and Corps artillery swung their fires, including concentrations of Pozit, on these
columns with devastating results.
TDs of Company C, 773rd TD Battalion, moving up, surprised a company of enemy infantry and
killed an estimated 100.  In addition, they destroyed 1 Mark III, 2 Mark IV, 3 Mark V, 1 armored
car, 1 half-track, 7 SP guns and 1 motorcycle.
In the afternoon Companies I and L seized Hill 510 to the Northeast driving off enemy
resistance.  Company K remained at the CR tied in with 357 on the left.  1st Battalion assembled
vicinity TRENTELHOF.  380 PWs were taken in the night attack and subsequent blocking
action during the day.
357th Infantry:
The attack of 1st Battalion toward DONCOLS found the enemy unwilling to give up the town
since the advance threatened his withdrawal routes to the Northeast.  Exerting more pressure, the
Battalion entered the town shortly after noon under increasing artillery and small arms fire.  Mop
up continued until after dark.  Over 300 PWs were captured.
2nd Battalion attacked SONLEZ surprising and capturing 65 PWs at a mill South of the town. 
This proved to be a Regimental CP and numerous documents of value were captured. 
Continuing on at 1430, Companies G and E met very [Page 9] stubborn resistance which
continued until Company E outflanked the town from the Northeast after dark.  SONLEZ was
entered at 2200 and several hundred more PWs were gathered up as the battalion fought groups
of bewildered enemy trying to escape through the town.  Not until 1130 the next day was
SONLEZ completely cleared.  After agreement with Task Force Scott established a temporary
boundary, 3rd Battalion attacked in 1330 toward the high ground on the regimental left to secure
a passageway for commitment of the 358.  Company K moved toward the North hill and
Company L the South.  Again the enemy fought dislodgment from prepared positions until at last
pressured by Task Force Scott from the Southwest and 3rd Battalion from the Southeast the
Germans gave ground, losing 53 prisoners to Company L and 150 to Company K.
90th Reconnaissance Troop was detached from 357 at 1545 and Troop assemble at BOULAIDE
as Division Reserve.
358th Infantry:
Alerted for commitment on Division left, the Regiment shuttle-marched at 0730 to forward
assembly area at BAVIGNE.  Later the Battalions closed in assembly areas behind 357th