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resistance.  One mired, was hit by enemy fire had to be destroyed and abandoned.  3rd Battalions
shifted to regimental left to forestall further threats on the exposed flank as a result of slow
progress by adjacent units who fought their way through thickly wooded and mined areas. 
Company A sent one platoon forward from BERLE to keep contact with 1st Battalion.
359th Infantry:
3rd Battalion had attacked TRENTELHOF at 0720A but made little headway against this enemy
strongpoint, which included numeral four enemy tanks and 2 SP guns.  Artillery and high
velocity fire increased as the Germans tried to stall the advance.  One TD was knocked out after
he fired 12 rounds into TRENTELHOF.  At 0900 1st Battalions swung past the right of 3rd
Battalion to maneuver around it and cut off TRENTELHOF.  From the high ground Northeast of
the WILTZ River the Germans with good observation directeb mortar and artillery fire,
disrupting the Battalion and blunting its attack.  Closer in, enemy infantry, dug in the woods,
controled the open ground with MG's and small arms.
An accompanying platoon of light tanks attempted to advance on the right flank of the 1st
Battalion through dense woods, as the enemy was sensitive to all movement over open ground. 
Four of the tanks threw their tracks.  Two were recovered under fire, but two had to be
abandoned because of intense artillery and rocket barrages.
2nd Battalion cleared out a pocket of Germans behind the 3rd Battalion, capturing 40, including
the Battalion Commander of a II Battalion, 36 Regiment, 9th Volksgrenadier Division.  Although
well-equipped and dug in, this enemy Battalion had suffered heavily with almost all officers
killed or captured.  [Page 8]
359's 2nd Battalion than cut between the stalled the Battalions at 1600 but was itself halted
abreast of the 3rd Battalion.
In view of the deadlock a night attack was ordered and planned for 0100A.
358th Infantry:
Remained in Division Reserve at ARSDORF-RAMBROUCH area.
11 January 1945
359th Infantry:
The temperature dropped to 5 degrees above zero, but the surprise attack of 3rd and 2nd
Battalions was delivered on schedule and overran three enemy defensive positions and five 75
mm guns.  The impetus of the assault carried the Battalions through sleep-confused Germans to
within 500 yards of their objective (the main crossroads just east of BOHOEY) before enemy
tanks, halftracks and SP guns could be brought to stem the advance.  Artillery was promptly
called for and Company K seized the crossroads and captured 75 PWs.