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2nd Battalion marched to assembly area in early morning to follow 1st and 3rd Battalions.  As
expected, the German strength was on the right and he fiercely contested with artillery, tank,
nebelwerfer and small arms fire the attack by 3rd Battalion at 0950.  Nonetheless, one strong
point was wiped out as Companies I and L drove a wedge 1 mile deep in the enemy line.  Several
pockets of resistance were left to be eliminated by reserve units.  1st and 2nd Battalions, moving
in column behind 3rd Battalion, received heavy concentrations of 120 mm mortar and
nebelwerfer fire.  3rd Battalion captured CR of the road between WINSELER and BERLE and
maneuvered Company L to capture TRENTELHOF, an enemy strongpoint.  Darkness came
before this could be accomplished and the attack was put forward to daylight.
3rd Platoon, Company D, 712 Tank Battalion assigned to protect 2nd Battalion forward CP fired
on two columns of German infantry as they approached the CP about 1730.  An undetermined
number were killed but 27 were captured.
During the night a Mark V tank fired a flair which had a short fuse.  Outlined by its own flair the
enemy tank was smashed by the platoon leader, 1st platoon, Company B, 712th Tank Battalion,
who fired his 76 mm gun at 20 yard range.  PWs from 3rd Company, Fusilier Battalion, later
stated this action frustrated a Battalion counterattack supported by 2 Panther tanks and 2 assault
guns.  Their attack collapsed immediately after our Sherman destroyed their tank.  Enemy
Battalion withdrew to vicinity WILTZ.
358th Infantry:
Regiment staged forward to vicinity ARSDORF-RAMBROUCH and reconnoitered routes to the
10 January 1945
357th Infantry:
Renewing the attack at 0720A, the 1st Battalion (-Company A which remained at BERLE)
pushed on through the deep snow and woods to the high ground overlooking DONCOLS. 
Movement was tortuously slow -- [Page 7] a mile in an hour and a half.
During the attack to Air Corps in close coordination bombed and strafed enemy columns racing
along the SONLEZ-DONCOLS Road.  BRAS was bombed and PWs later reported a Battalion
CP was hit as well as a cellar containing 25 enemy soldiers most of them were killed.  The
fighter-bombers then interdicted all German escape routes.  344th in 345th FA Battalions applied
the finishing touch with concentrated fires on trapped columns.  
Artillery also smashed a counterattack of 200-300 Germans as the Cayman Southeast down a
draw on the Regimental left to attack 2nd Battalion.  The Battalion continued along the draw and
halted abreast of at halftime Al is and very early the 1st Battalion.
90th Reconnaissance Troop, screening the Division left, encountered enemy MG's vicinity RJ
[Road Junction?] 1200 yards Southwest of BERLE.  Two medium tanks were sent to reduce this