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1st Battalion relieved 3rd Battalion along the river and 3rd Battalion (-) assembled at
WEISWAMPACH.  At 2000 one platoon of Company B raided OUREN where enemy had been
reported but found the town vacated of all but civilians.
358th Infantry:
During the night engineer crews cleared roads of drifted snow, mines, and debris.  A bridge was
in at 0800 despite enemy fire and supporting armor crossed.
1st and 2nd Battalions continue their attack, securing STEIN-KOPF by dark.  About 75 PWs
were taken in the drive.  Company C set up an ambush and captured 35 prisoners, killud 6  and
wounded 4.  At 1730, 80 enemy infantry counterattacked Company C in an effort to regain the
high ground, artillery dissolved the attack before it gained contact.  Company I rejoined its
Battalion which was poised in center of regimental zone in regimental reserve.
359th Infantry:
3rd Battalion planned to cross the OUR with Company L on left in Company K on right
following a 10 minute artillery preparation.  The preparation appeared to alert the enemy and at
the river's edge the assault companies received mortar, small arms and machine gun fire. 
Company L searched for a new crossing site which they found several hundred yards away. 
Entering STEFFESHAUSEN, they engaged in a small arms and machine gun fight.  Company I
crossed immediately to assist.  By 1200 the town was secured but mop out of the outskirts
Company K, pinned down by fire from across the river, made their crossing by  infiltration,
reaching STEFFESHAUSEN at noon.  3rd Battalion crossed on the frozen river rather than
footbridges as planned.
1st Battalion stage of the from WILWERDANGE to BURG-REULAND then crossed the ice to
attack through 3rd Battalion and capture AUEL.  This mission was [Page 29] accomplished by
1800 despite difficult terrain and enemy resistance.  Battalion contacted 358th on the right.
Engineers completed a Bailey bridge across river at 2110 for vehicles and armor.
Divisions CP opened at WILWERDANGE, LUXEMBOURG, at 1400.
31 January 1945
357th Infantry:
Contact with 358th was made at 1900 after Company E pushed forward.  One platoon Company
K moved to OBERHAUSEN to prevent infiltration from the South.
358th Infantry: