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28 January 1945
The Winter fury increased and heavy snows seriously hampered military operation.  315th
Engineers work to be worked 'round-the-clock with limited equipment to keep roads open.  [Page
A conference with regimental commanders in early morning fixed Division's plan for the new
order.  Briefly, it contemplated a wheeling movement by the three infantry regiments with 357th
as the hub.  357th Infantry was to hold its right flank firm on the West Bank of the OUR RIVER,
attack with its left Battalion and secure WELCHENHAUSEN and the high ground to the
Southeast of the town.  358th Infantry, attacking in the center, would make the main crossing
with two battalions and seize the high ground Southwest of HECKHUSCHEID.
359th Infantry, on the Division left, would cross through an initial narrow zone, capture
STEFFESHAUSEN and AUEL and then fan out to seize WINTERSPELT and the high ground
Division Field Order #51, embodying the above plan was issued at 1815.
357th Infantry:
Company I replaced Company K in the line during the night.  The Regiment cleared all but the
river towns during the day and made extensive reconnaissance for crossing sites.  After Dark the
3rd Battalion sent platoons to occupy the river towns in its zone.  Company I dispatched one
platoon to PETERSKIRCHE where it captured 7-8 PWs and remained overnight.  Company L
occupied four houses at the South end of OBERHAUSEN, approaching from the South and not
meeting the enemy who were dug in on the high ground West of the town.
358th Infantry:
Patrols encountered enemy in the vicinity of STOUBACH (vP865765) and at vP864743. 
Combat patrols were sent out in early morning to clean out the enemy to the front, followed by
larger units later in the day to secure crossing sites.  By dark Company I had captured
WEWELER after a brief fight and Companies L and K were poised on the high ground to the
1st Battalion displaced forward to the wooded area 1200 yards Northeast of LEITHUM.
Companies F and G occupied STOUBACH by midnight.  Company E remained at the crossroads
600 yards Northeast of LEITHUM.  Enemy were heard digging in across the OUR RIVER.
359th Infantry:
Remained in Division Reserve at TROISVIERGES.  [Page 26** image 1468]