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Amid snow flurries Division continued to attack to clear the west bank of the OUR RIVER in
conjunction with 87th Infantry Division who had replaced 17th A/B Division on the 90th
Division's left.  The need for "Lebenstraum" became acute as the Division crowded its
installations forward of the CP at ASSELBORN to make room for the 4th Infantry Division
assembling in his rear.
357th Infantry:
3rd Battalion attacked to the northeast with Company L on the left and Company K on the right
and secured the high ground overlooking the OUR RIVER [Page 24] at 1200.  Enemy infantry
and one tank counterattacked Company K from a Northeast but were driven off.
358th Infantry:
2nd and 3rd Battalions attacked toward the river initially without resistance.  The advance was
halted by determined delaying forces at the BELGIAN border beyond LEITHUM and southwest
of LESCHEID.  Company E cleared the strong point East of LEITHUM.  Company I entered
LASCHEID from the Northwest at 1900 where they were harassed by MG and 20 mm gunfire
from two German tanks which withdrew after our own tanks closed into the town.  Company L,
unable to contact company I, continued to fight enemy dug in south of the town, ultimately
driving them of and remained for the night on the high ground below LASCHEID.  Company K
closed 500 yards behind the assault companies and dug in for the night.
Regimental CP moved to WILWERDANGE while 1st Battalion closed all its elements into
WEISWAMPACH after motor-marching from HABAY-LA-NUEVE.
359th Infantry:
Remained in Division Reserve.  Forced out of its area by 4th Division's arrival, the Regiment
less its 1st Battalion moved to TROISVIERGES.  1st Battalion, shifting first to
CINQFONTAINES, later joined its unit at TROISVIERGES.
90th Reconnaissance Troop:
Maintained contact between 87th Division and 358ta Infantry.
At 1645 Division received the VIII Corps order assigning the 90th emission of crossing the OUR
RIVER to protect the right flank of the Corps as it directed a penetration of the SIEGFRIED
LINE.  4th Division was to knife between the 90th and the 87th Divisions, passing through
elements of the latter is VIII Corps attacked at 0830 on 29 January.  95th Infantry Division and
11th Armored Division would remain initially in reserve.
Division Field Message #26 ordered continuation of the attack on 28 January to clear the West
Bank of the OUR RIVER.