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Remained in Division Reserve.
26 January 1945
After reshuffling of units moved the 90th Division from III Corps control at noon on the 26th. 
With some overlap the Division began an exchange of places with 6th Armored Division who
moved to the right of our sector replacing us and elements 26th Infantry Division.  This
displacement was further complicated by passage southward through the Division sector of the
17th Airborne Division who replaced the remainder of the 26th Infantry Division.  The 26th
assembled and moved South out of III Corps.
Traffic continued to be the principal problem for the next several days as the limited road at was
strained to bursting point with foot troops, motors and armor.  [Page 23]
357th Infantry:
Patrolled toward OUR RIVER.  1st Battalion relieved 2nd Battalion who assembled at
HOLLER.  In the afternoon having found the area clear, 1st Battalion occupied LEILER with
Company B at 2000.  3rd Battalion sidesliped north, returned to attack the next morning to seize
the high ground 3 km East of WEISWAMPACH.
358th Infantry:
2nd Battalion and CP moved to TROISCIERGES during the morning with the Battalion
continuing forward on foot to occupy WEISWAMPACH following its capture by 6th Armored
Division.  The relief was accomplished by 1500.  At noon 3rd Battalion motor-marched from
BASTOGNE to vicinity TROISVIERGES and assembled at WILWERDANGE where it
established contact with 17th Airborne elements still in line.  Patrols were sent to BEILER.
359th Infantry:
At 0900, 3rd Battalion marched on foot to HACHIVILLE.  At 1400 the CP moved to TROINE. 
At 1500, 2nd Battalion marched to HOFFELT.  1st Battalion remained overnight at
HUPPERDANGE.  Regiment reverted Division Reserve upon release.
The Division CP opened at ASSELBORN at 0945.
Throughout the day Division artillery battalions, operating on call of air observers, beat a steady
tattoo on enemy traffic across the OUR RIVER.  Near DAHNEN (vP865653) traffic became
hopelessly snarled as all roads were interdicted.  Vehicles, bumper to bumper, were pounded to
rubble by the incessant fires of the Division and supporting artillery guns.  For enemy 88's
trained their sights on the Cub planes in desperate efforts to stop the carnage but were themselves
flattened by Battalion concentrations.
27 January 1945