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River OBERSTENWALD was taken after dark and 3rd Battalion tied in echeloned to the right
rear.  Division ordered the halt as adjacent units failed to come up.  About 2130 a party of 25-30
Germans came to reoccupy positions in OBERSTENWALD.  They came in through 3rd
Battalion who remained quiet until the Germans were in their area, then encompassed them. 
Two Germans were killed and 25 captured.
359th Infantry:
The change of boundaries necessitated reemployment of 359ta Infantry in the attack. 
Accordingly, 1st and 2nd Battalions moved to forward assembly areas in early morning and
attacked after midday.  3rd Battalion remained in place is supported by fire.  2nd Battalion
crossed the CLERF after overcoming resistance along the railroad track.  1st Battalion, faced
with entrenched enemy on the far shore, made little headway until late afternoon when the
Battalion swung in trace of 2nd Battalion and crossed in their zone to outflank the position.  The
enemy withdrew.  3rd Battalion assembled for a night attack to seize HUPPERDANGE.  [Page
358th Infantry:
Remained in Division Reserve.
25 January 1945
357th Infantry:
Despite zero temperatures, the attack continued in the morning.  Organic artillery battalions laid
concentration after concentration along the "Sky Line Drive" (LUXEMBOURG-ST VITH
ROAD) paralleling the OUR RIVER, smashing enemy vehicles and guns and cutting down the
German soldiers as they sought to escape.  3rd Battalion cut the "Sky Line Drive" at 1210; then
proceeded to capture HEINERSCHEID where the enemy fought tenaciously until 1645 when the
town was cleared and all resistance ended.
2nd Battalion advanced easily to the high ground Southwest of LAUSDORN where 100
Germans and machine guns resisted. LAUSDORN itself was captured after dark after patrols
reported the enemy had apparently withdrawn.  Regiment then consolidated positions and sent
patrols to the front.
359th Infantry:
At 0200, 3rd Battalion passed through 2nd Battalion and captured HUPPERDANGE and 7 PWs. 
2nd Battalion closed in HUPPERDANGE at 1100.  1st Battalion cleared GRINDHAUSEN in
late afternoon.  Having their objective, Regiment consolidated and dispatched strong patrols to
the front.
358th Infantry: