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“The 90th Division is as good as … Divisions; you have not a better division; it is as
good and dependable as any division in the army.” –
Commanding General, First United States
“The army commander directs that you convey to the commanding general, officers and
men of the 90th Division his appreciation of their persistent and successful efforts … H. A.
Drum, Chief of Staff to Commanding General, Third Corps, American E. F. (October 26, 1918.)
“The part the 90th Division took … is deeply appreciated by the corps commander, and
he adds his congratulations to those of the commanding general of the army for the vigorous and
untiring efforts of the personnel thereof, whose resolution and fortitude are worthy of the best
traditions of the American Army.” –
Excerpts from letter written to the Division Commander
October 29, 1918, by Major General J. L. Hines, commanding the Third United States Army
“The division commander has no adequate words to express his great satisfaction and
delight with the fine military spirit of the division, and his pride in its fighting value after
seventy-four days (less an interval of seven days) in the fighting lines.  …  In spite of the severe
losses and terrific demands that these successes have exacted, the indomitable spirit, and
keenness to fight continue to characterize the division. Every member of this gallant force has a
right to be proud of the services he has rendered in a great cause of human liberty.  Our country
may count with assurance upon the execution with success of whatever duty it may entrust of the
90th Division.” –
Excerpts from General order No.  144, November 14, 1918, and signed by
Major General Henry T. Allen, commanding the division.
“Your superb comportment everywhere in France, as well as your unsurpassed battle
exploits have won for you designation in the Army of Occupation; your wonderful fighting
ability and your superior manhood have won for you a place in my heart that will remain with
me for all time.  The fathers and mothers who have produced men such as you, who know not
battle straggling nor retreat under any circumstances, must be thrilled when they learn your
stories.  The states to which you and they belong possess the prime essentials of prosperity and
greatness. The soul of the 90th Division will remain a sacred inspiration to me wherever I be.”
Excerpts from the farewell letter written by Major General Henry T. Allen, commanding the
division November 21, 1918. (General Allen, who, commanding the 90th throughout its training
and all of its time in France, was promoted to a corps command.)
“Here is a proud boast for this brigade – not a soldier straggled from his regiment. You
were always facing enemy.  … You have shared equally with the best and have deserved
everything.  You are soldiers and I am proud of you.” –
Excerpts from a memorandum, to
officers and men of the 180th brigade, signed by Brigadier General U. G. McAlexander. 
(November 24, 1918.)
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