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This is the story of one small unit in the 90th Infantry Division – a tiny cog in the mighty war
machine that was General George S. Patton, Jr.’s Third United States Army.  The Third Army crushed
and battered its way through Normandy, the Battle of Northern France, the Ardennes, the Rhineland
and Central Europe, its invincible tanks the unconquerable spearhead of the surging allied drive.  In this
magnificent push to final victory, the 90th Infantry Division was a gallant, glorious part.
An infantry division is no stronger than the strength of its doughboys.  They did not come
stronger in body, stouter in heart, more valorous in spirit than the “Tough ‘Ombres” of the Fighting 90th.
This is the story of the 790th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company – whose job it was to
keep the Division constantly supplied with ammunition and armament, whose job it was to keep its
automotive equipment running, its small arms firing, its heavy artillery roaring and blasting.  Its job was
threefold; Supply-Recovery-Maintenance.  It did its job, and did its job well – often under impossible
working conditions with typical American initiative and ingenuity.
We are Proud – Proud to have been a part of the mighty Third Army; Proud to have belonged
to the gallant 90th Infantry Division; Proud of the small role we played in the crushing defeat of the
German Army.
Capt. Ord. Dept.
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