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Men of the XII Corps units got the news of VE-day scattered all over southeastern Germany, in Czechoslovakia, and Austria, and by all
types of communication.  Here T/5 John H. Kuclra with Supply Service Company Headquarters 90th Infantry Division listens to a Signal
Corps radio receiver in Susice Czechoslovakia.  (1) The story told on 8 May 45 was that the Americans shown on the page, and thousands
like them in the armies of the United Nations had broken the criminal pride of the Nazi government of Germany, once and for all: (1) T/5
Ernest Clayton.  (2) Lt Paul F. Trader.  (4) Pvt William L. Siler.  (5) Pvt Frank D. Washington.  (After being freed by his own unit, 358th
Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division from a German slave labor camp). (6) T/4 Arthur Brown of L Company, 101st Infantry
Regiment, 26th Infantry Division.  (7)Cpl Mike Ranicin driver for Commanding General 4th Armored Division.  (8) Pfc Leroy R. Briggs
with 820th Military Police Company at Passau.  (9) Pvt Wallace F. Burket, bazooka man with Company C, 318th Infantry Regiment, 80th
Infantry Division is reunited with his brother, who had long been a prisoner of the Germans, in Branau, Austria.  9 May.  (10) T/5 Willie E.
Sillmore of the 1367th Dump Truck Battalion, 1134th Engineer Group at Passau.