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words of General Gay's letter, "Assault crossings of the Sauer River (Luxembourg); Rapid advance to
the Rhine; Assault crossing of the Moselle River south of Koblenz, Germany; The Palantinate Campaign
to include the historic assault crossing of the Rhine River, 22 March 45."
"The successful campaigns indicated above," General Gay's recommendation continues, "were
the result of careful planning, thoroughly coordinated staff work, and experience available only to battle
tried veterans.  These campaigns were executed with daring – far beyond the normal call of duty.  Only
battle seasoned veterans could have been successful against a strong and deliberate enemy on a
hazardous terrain and under the adverse weather conditions existing at the time."  The final decision on
this award is also under consideration by higher authority as XII Corps, Spearhead of Patton's Third
Army goes to press.