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357th and 358th Infantry stepped up patrol activity along the river.
Division CP moved to DONCOURT.
359th Infantry:
3rd Battalion, supported by C Company, attacked at 0515 to extend the right flank of the
regiment and secure a firm hold on the road from GRAVELOTTE East as far as ST HUBERT'S
FARME. C Company and L Company on the left moved rapidly and had secured their objectives
by midmorning. K Company on the right, hampered by enemy mine fields and exposed ground,
was badly handled throughout the day by enemy fire and one counterattack.  By dark it was still
short of its objective and was relieved by I Company preparatory to continuation of the attack in
the morning.
358th Infantry was relieved, under cover of darkness, by the 3rd Cavalry Group reinforced (Task
Force Polk) and by E Company 357th Infantry which latter unit occupied UCKANGE. [Page 15] 
359th Infantry:
I Company resumed the attack is 0515 to complete the capture of the objective originally
assigned 359th Infantry.  Though it made some progress and secured the right flank of the
Battalion, it was unable to reach the desire position.  The enemy threw the book at the 3rd
Battalion in so far as artillery and mortar fire were concerned.  The penetration of the 359th
Infantry toward FORT JEANNE D'ARC had obviously caused him considerable embarrassment. 
His reaction was to manifest itself in a more direct way the following day. F Company moved to
GRAVELOTTE to further bolster the regimental right flank.  The regiment was now completely
committed and had exhausted its potentiality for further offensive action.
358th Infantry moved by motor and marching from the THIONVILLE area to assembly area in
the vicinity of ST MARCEL and VIONVILLE, with the 1st Battalion replacing the 3rd Battalion
at ST MARIE AUX CHENES as Division Reserve. L Company was dispatched to
GRAVELOTTE under regimental control to relieve F Company 359th Infantry.  Division
ordered full reconnaissance of the proposed zone of action South of GRAVELOTTE now
occupied by the 3rd Cavalry Squadron.
359th Infantry:
At daybreak a counterattack was launched against the 3rd Battalion from the West and from the
South.  It was repulsed with heavy enemy losses.  One hour later and enemy force of
approximately 200 men moved West against the 1st Battalion from the direction of MOSCOU
FARME.  Withholding their fire until the enemy had advanced within 20 yards the 1st Battalion
practically annihilated this group; those remaining alive were either taken prisoners or fled in
great disorder back to the FARME.  There they were halted, regrouped and reinforced and