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places presented a serious problem.
The Division engaged in no offensive action beyond patrols which continued development of the
contours of the enemy's defenses.  Our counterbattery was largely ineffectual either because of
the enemy's well protected emplacements or because of his constant shifting of position areas.
At a secret meeting in MARS LA TOUR the Division General Staff was oriented on the XX
Corp plan, "OPERATION THUNDERBOLT".  "THUNDERBOLT" was a large-scale operation
envisaging reduction of FORTRESS METZ by the coordinated efforts of XIX TAC and XX
Corps.  Basically there was no change in the 90th Division mission except that we were
committed to putting the weight of our attack South of GRAVELOTTE.  Plans were initiated at
Division level, although it was felt that the assault would not be ordered while the 90th Division
occupied its extended front.
357th Infantry:
2nd Battalion was reoriented to face East, taking over responsibility for the area previously held
by I Company 358th  Infantry and the 90th Reconnaissance Troop.  One company [Page 13] was
dispatched to RICHEMONT to clean up enemy patrols which had entered that town the previous
night.  This mission was accomplished without incident and contact secured with E Company
358th Infantry at UCKANGE.  3rd Battalion sustained a counterattack on its right flank and
1000, but repulsed it without loss of ground.
358th Infantry:
A sizable German patrol penetrated UCKANGE on 3 sides, only to be driven back with heavy
losses. I Company was released from attachment to 357th Infantry and rejoined its Battalion
during the night.  1st Battalion relieved 2nd Battalion.
359th Infantry:
3rd Battalion made a limited objective attack to the South and secured a quarry from which the
enemy had been embarrassing our supply routes to the front.  Mission was accomplished without
All available intelligence showed that METZ FORTRESS consisted of an outer and inner belt of
mutually supporting forts situated on commanding ground and individually capable of all-around
defense.  All approaches were difficult and well covered by fire.  The original construction had
been strengthened by the Germans since 1940.  All in all the fortress was well-nigh impregnable
to a frontal assault.
Work continued on the Division portion of "OPERATION THUNDERBOLT".  Aside from a
small flurry on the right flank of the 359th Infantry, artillery exchanges and [constant?] patrol