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c. Attack 150715B to destroy enemy within zone West of the MOSELLE River.
358th Infantry, (less 3rd Battalion) reinforced by the 344th FA Battalion, 1 Battery of 345th  FA
Battalion, Company A 607th TD Battalion, 1 Light and 1 Medium Platoon 712th Tank Battalion
and Company B 315th Engineer Battalion, was left in the original zone of action with the
mission of holding the river line from UCKANGE North to GARCHE inclusive.  The 43rd
Cavalry Squadron took over the zone from GARCHE North and East to the Division boundary
maintaining contact with the right elements of the 5th Armored  Division.
The remainder of the Division was set in motion southward while command reconnaissance
parties went ahead to make  the necessary arrangements with XX Corps and 7th Armored
Division.  After being appraised of the situation in front of METZ the following plan was
formulated and immediately executed:
a. 90th Reconnaissance Troop to patrol the river from UCKANGE South to TALANGE.
b. 357th Infantry to relieve CCA and CCR of the 7th Armored Division and takeover and
East-West line from ST PRIVAT exclusive, eastward to contact with the 90th Reconnaissance
c. To fill the gap between the 357th and 359th Infantry and to cover the open ground
Northwest of AMANVILLERS a specified force (Task Force Randolph) was created comprising
the 712th Tank Battalion (-), 2 Engineer Companies and 1 TD Company.
d. 359th Infantry to relieve the 2nd Infantry and 87th Reconnaissance Squadron in the
sector from the AMANVILLERS-HABONVILLE Road South to GRAVELOTTE.  
The relief was completed and the other elements of the Division closed in new location by
Divisions CP open West of BATILLY. [Page 11]
357th Infantry launched an attack on the right of its zone with the 1st Battalion in the assault. 
Advancing through thick woods and under conditions of poor visibility, the Battalion initially
seized a quarry at the little town of MARENGO, to protect its right flank and then changed
direction toward FORT AMANVILLERS.  By late afternoon it had advanced well up the North
slopes of the Hill mass, on the summit of which lay the fort, but increasing enemy resistance
brought the advance to a halt.  The 2nd Battalion on the left of the 1st Battalion improved its
positions and reconnoitered for a jump-off line.
358th Infantry was frustrated in every attempt to get patrols across the river.  As an interesting
sidelight, on this day 10 fortress guns in the casements Northwest of THIONVILLE were put
into action by our troops and began interdiction of the approaches to THIONVILLE from the
East.  3rd Battalion was moved by motor to an assembly area at ST MARIE AUX CHENES as
Division Reserve, and I Company dispatched to AMNEVILLE to assist the 90th Reconnaissance
Troop covering the river line.