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Northeast of the town.  The III Corps plan prescribed a simultaneous attack by all units with 90th
Division making the main effort.
Division CP opened at BONNAL in the former CP of 26th Division.  At 1000 TK and TD
Battalion Commanders were oriented and one company assigned to each of the assaulting
regiments.  The remainder were staggered forward to vicinity BOULAIDE.  All FA Battalions
displaced to position areas North of the SURE River except 345th FA Battalion which was
located vicinity BONNAL.  [Page 4] [image 1445 map]
At 1300 verbal orders were given unit commanders, who already begun route reconnaissance
forward to the line of departure.  Written orders followed later in the day and called for the attack
at 091000A by 357th on the left and 359th Infantry on right with main effort on the right. 
Division's plan involved 357th attacking two Battalions abreast to peel off and contain to the
West while 359th penetrated enemy lines and cut the enemy supply routes through DONCOLS,
358th Infantry, and initially in reserve, would then attack through the funnel of thus created to
capture the Division objective -- the high ground Northeast of BRAS.
357th Infantry:
Starting early in the morning 357th staged to forward assembly areas, closing at 1850. 1st
Battalion moved to vicinity WILTZERWEG, 2nd Battalion to BAVIGNE, and 3rd Battalion to
LIEFRANGE.  90th Reconnaissance Troop was attached with mission of maintaining contact
with TASK FORCE SCOTT after the attack jumped off.
359th Infantry:
Assembled (-2nd Battalion) in forward area of vicinity MECHER-DUNKRODT.
358th Infantry:
Remained in initial location.
Preparations were now complete for the attack.  Greatest precautions had been taken to insure
surprise.  The 94th Infantry Division took over and maintained the 90th's radio traffic in the old
area.  Unit markings on personnel and vehicles were covered during the move, a large part of
which was made at night.  In occupation of the new sector behind the 26th and 35th Infantry
Divisions, the Division moved into concealed assembly areas without taking over any part of the
front and planned to launch its attack through a portion of the front held by the 26th Division. 
Artillery placed battery by battery near the 26th Division batteries.  In registering prior to the
attack a 26 Division gun stopped firing as each gun of the 90th fired so as not to increase the
density of fire.
Prisoners taken by the 26th Division were interrogated for late enemy information.  1/10,000
scale maps were prepared for platoon leaders and the wooded areas on a 1/25,000 scale map