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Division area at 1630.  712th Tank, 773rd TD and 345th FA Battalions made night moves,
halting generally in vicinity of SAUEL and beyond.  III Corps had anticipated the 90th would
attack through the 35th from the Southwest.  The 90th Division Commander, however, asked for
and received permission to directly assault the salient from the Southeast.  This change threw
away the Corp plans for assembling the troops but readjustments were quickly made by unit
commanders while the convoy was in route to the area.  CT 357 halted vicinity of
The weather was most unfavorable for the 50 mile journey: bitter cold, snow, and little shelter
available.  War had steam-rollared three times over this area as the Americans first attacked, the
Germans plunged westward and the Americans counterattackea.  Consequently, nearly every
building was gutted or leveled.
43rd Cavalry Squadron relieved 359th by 2000 and 358th made preparations for relief by the
94th Infantry Division, establishing guides for the incoming troops.
7 January 1945
357th Infantry:
Battalions retained their positions.  CP moved from NOERDANGE to USELDANGE to
OSPERN at opened a Forward CP at HOSTERT.
358th Infantry:
Although relief was not entirely complete by noon, first elements of the regiment began motor
movement at 1230.  By midafternoon the entire regiment was on the road and closed vicinity
NAGEMOSPERN late this night.
359th Infantry:
Preceded by 344th and 915th FA [Page 2] Battalions, the regiment initiated move at 0800 and
closeb vicinity BSCHDORF-WARL at 1530.
Division Headquarters established an operations forward at ARSDORF, but the bulk of the CP
assembled vicinity RAMBROUCH.
8 January 1945:
35th and 26th Infantry Divisions completed their planned readjustments.  26th Division held the
front through which the 90th would attack, with TASK FORCE SCOTT (101st Infantry
Regiment reinforced) holding the sector immediately adjacent to the 90th proposed left.
Beyond them was TASK FORCE FICKETT (6th Cavalry Group reinforced) and then 35th
Division (-2 Battalions, 320th Infantry on loan to 6th Armored Division as reserve) holding the
line to South of BASTOGNE were 6th Armored Division held the American reentrant East and