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on, they had carried out their assigned missions across the steep slopes, through waist-deep snow
and icy water, through dark nights and biting cold days.  Theirs the credit and theirs the victory. 
Not without its price, however, as the bitter cold, deep snow and stiff resistance exhausted troops
and exacted casualties.
Reduction of the pocket and advance across the OUR netted 3349 PWs, raising the Division total
over the 25,000 mark.  A wealth of enemy material was captured or destroyed, including in part
33 tanks, 16 SP guns, 99 trucks, 16 staff cars, 31 halftracks, 9 full tracks, 12 88 mm guns, 40 120
mm mortars, 15 75 mm guns, 6 AT guns, 14 105 mm guns, and 4 nebelwerfers.  Rapid
movement and boundary changes precluded a complete and final survey.
But more important, the goal was at hand and the 90th Division once more held firm one sector
of ground from which Von Rundstedt's troops had driven other Americans six weeks earlier.
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SUBJECT: Commendation.
: Major General James A. Van Fleet, Commanding General, 90th Infantry Division, APO
  old 90, US Army
THRU : Commanding General, Third United States Army, APO 403, US Army.
1.  I desire to commend you and your command for the superior manner in which you and
they have accomplished all your missions while a part of the XX Corps.  The drive across
France, the capture and development of your bridgehead over the Moselle River, the vital part
that you and your division played in the capture of the heretofore impregnable city of Metz, and
the crossing of the Saar River into the Seigfried Lines are but a few of the many and difficult
missions which your command has undertaken and completed in a superior manner.
2.  The aggressive and efficient manner in which you carried out your pointed tasks
reflects great credit upon your division and upon you as it's Commanding General.  Your sound
judgment, untiring efforts and the highly efficient manner in which you employed your division
and attached troops contributed materially to the operational success of the XX Corps.  Your
immediate and accurate appraisal of every situation, and the complete cooperation tendered by