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19 January 1945
358ta Infantry:
Companies A and L attacked to secure an outpost line on the high ground South and East of
OBERWAMPACH.  Company L took its objective without difficulty.  Company A moving up
the draw toward DERENBACH was surprised by fire from the woods on their left rear and
pinned to the open snow.  At the same time the Company received fire from the high ground
along the DERENBACH Road.  The Command Group and one platoon engaged the left flank
force.  The two forward platoons, decimated by heavy enemy fire, assaulted and captured several
buildings along the road where they continued to fight, cut off and out of communication until
1800 when the survivors were overwhelmed.  [Page 19]
In view of the unexpected enemy strength all units were withdrawn to original positions.
359ta Infantry:
The 2nd Battalion attacked and captured ALLERBORN, taking 11 PWs.  Companies E and G
remained in the town.
357th Infantry:
Remained in Division Reserved.
90th Reconnaissance Troop:
Maintained contact between 359th Infantry and 6th Armored Division.
21 January 1945
III Corps resumed the attack to the Northeast.
358th Infantry:
1st and 3rd Battalions moved out at 0830, proceeding cautiously in view of yesterday's mishap. 
No opposition developed, however, and DERENBACH fell about 1200.  3rd Battalion
garrisoned the town while 1st Battalion plodded through the snow to capture Hill 480 and
BOEVANGE LES CLERVAUX just beyond at 1700.
359th Infantry:
Attacking in order, 2nd, 1st and 3rd Battalions at 0830, the Regiment found only deep snow and
occasional stragglers to impede their advance.  Hill 520, HAMIVILLE and WINCRANGE were
all taken in the day's move.  6th Armored Division on the left, without adequate roads for their
CCA, turned into the 359th's zone.  Their vehicles located a minefield at WINCRANGE and at
LULLANGE had a short skirmish with enemy entrenched beyond the town.  359th Infantry