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mortars in the town.  The force comprised about 150 infantry, 2 Panther tanks, 11 Mark IV tanks,
3 75 mm of assault guns SP and 4 armored scout cars.  Their attack was preceded by a
preparation of artillery and mortar fire.
No fire hindered their approach until the enemy were close to the village when they were met by
point blank fire from tanks, TDs and riflemen.  The lead vehicle -- an armored scout car
containing the infantry CO -- was pierced at 10 yard range by one of our tanks.  The leader took
cover, leaving his command without direction as he was subsequently captured.  Five enemy
tanks were set afire.  As the enemy turned to flee his routes of withdrawal were covered by our
armor and further tanks were destroyed.  Enemy personnel casualties were heavy.
At 1330 the final counterattack of the day was launched from the Southeast by approximately 80
men and 3 tanks, who pushed their way in around our TDs in the Southeast part of town until
destroyed.  One TD had to be abandoned but was destroyed by its Sergeant with a thermite
grenade in the gun barrel.  The enemy captured and occupied 4 houses on the outskirts of
OBERWAMPACH, where they stayed overnight.
357 Infantry:
The regiment minus 3rd Battalion, which reverted to Division control, remained in Division
Reserve in the BOULAIDE-BAASCHLEIDEN area.  Training in firing 120 mm mortar was
begun in view of the large number of mortars and great amount of ammunition captured in the
operation.  Some 40 mortars were taken intact.
18 January 1945
In the big picture, the bulge West of ROUFFALIZE had collapsed and elements of 11th Armored
and 2nd Armored Divisions joined at the town.  The 17th A/B moved from reserve to replace
11th Armored Division while the latter sidesliped South and relieved 101st A/B to advance
beyond BOURCY.  The relief was completed during the night.  [Page 17]
358th Infantry:
The day was scarcely an hour old when the Germans swarmed like angry bees on
OBERWAMPACH.  They came from the Northeast, East and Southeast with tanks in support
and harried the town with fire until finally repulsed about 0330.  Two tanks which accompanied
them were hit.  One burned but the other limped off into the darkness.  When light came the
Germans held seven houses of the Southeast end of OBERWAMPACH.
Supporting tanks and TDs maneuvered to position for direct fire at the enemy held houses. 
Directed by a forward observer who crawled to where he was finally pinned by enemy fire,
artillery crashed down on the stronghold.  The Germans withdrew to a barn on the outskirts
leaving a Tiger tank as lone Sentinel to guard their retreat.  Two PWs were captured -- huge men
from the REMER Brigade.