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tracks.  Resistance in front of the 3rd Battalion proved unexpectedly strong, the enemy having
reinforced during the night.  Caught in a heavy crossfire of MGs, and enemy artillery TOT and
intense small arms fire from enemy entrenched on the reverse slope, the battalion finally fell
back slowly some 500 yards where it halted and resisted all further attempts to drive it back. 
One tank pushed to the railroad track only to be hit from the rear by an AT gun.  A second tank
forced his way across the railroad tracks where it met a similar fate from an 88 gun and other AT
guns.  The battalion's casualties were heavy (about 46 men killed and wounded including [Page
13] 6 officers).  1st Battalion had started in the trace of 2nd Battalion but enroute met small arms
from the Northeast.  Five-men, including one Company Commander, were wounded as
Company A cleared the pocket.  Then came orders from Regiment directing the 2nd and 3rd
Battalions to hold in place while 1st Battalion made a forced march around the Division left in
the sector of the advancing 6th Armored Division to attack NEIDERWAMPACH from the
vicinity of BENONCHAMPS.  At 1700, 14 battalions of Field Artillery dropped a 2-round TOT
on NEIDERWAMPACH.  Too stunned to withdraw, 302 Germans after a brief fight quickly
surrendered to the 1st Battalion as it closed in from the Northwest.  Only four casualties resulted
to the attacking Battalion during its brilliant maneuver which outflanked the enemy line.  An
enemy SP gun was knocked out by tankers from the 712ta Tank Battalion as the town was
357th Infantry: 
2nd Battalion moving forward to maintain contact with 358th Infantry, became heavily engaged
with enemy's strongpoints in and around the railroad tunnels along the valley.  The regimental
mission was temporarily changed to a containing action.  1st Battalion relieved 3rd Battalion
who assembled in rear of 2nd Battalion in the early morning.  1st Battalion than patrolled toward
the river killing and capturing a number of enemy patrols and outposts.  3rd Battalion relieved
2nd Battalion after dark and the latter assembled at DONCOLS.
359th Infantry: 
2nd Battalion moved on motors to vicinity WARDIN in late afternoon.  Rest of regiment
remained at BOULAIDE prepared to stage forward in the morning.
16 January 1945
359th Infantry:
1st Battalion moved by motor from BOULAIDE to BENONCHAMPS, arriving at 1100.  3rd
Battalion moved by motor from BOULAIDE at 0850 and closed in WARDIN at 1042.  At 1000
2nd Battalion attacked with Company E on the left and Company G on the right, Company F in
reserve, in coordination with 6th Armored Division to capture the high ground East of
LONGVILLY.  The infantry mopped up the town and proceeded to their objective against light
opposition.  Moving onto the forward slope Companies E and G received heavy small arms, MG
and SP fire and pulled back to the reversal slope.  Company F captured the BOURCY-
LONGVILLY road junction and physical contact with 6ta Armored Division.  1st Battalion
followed along the high ground and tied in for the night between Company F and 1st Battalion,