Jospeh J. Thomas - 345th Field Artillery

All of these pictures are the property of Joseph J. Thomas. He served in the 345th Artillery from 1942 to 1945 and attained the rank of Major while in Europe. He was honorably discharged as Captain.

My father was born in Oak Hill, Ohio on February 14, 1914 and currently resides with his wife Rosemary in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, where they have lived since 1965. 

I divided the pictures into three groups: 
* Europe
* Training 
* Wives and Families

Unfortunately, my father's eyesight is not good enough for him to identify many of the people in the pictures, especially in the group shots. However, at some point he or my mother wrote captions on the pictures and, when possible, I included those hand-written notes when I scanned the pictures. I hope that others might be able to find relatives that they recognize in these shots.

According to my father, shots from Europe that show columns driving around the river or in the water were taken at the second crossing of the Moselle, not the first crossing.

My father thinks that most of the beach scenes were taken in England, around Dover. However, he also thinks that #50 is a picture he took looking backward at the Normandy beach as they were leaving the area.

The photos in the Training folder were taken at Fort Bragg, exercises in Louisiana, and Fort Sill.

Bob Thomas


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